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Follow the steps below to get your internet/phone services installed!

  • Take a look at our internet and phone plans and pricing for your home or business with the links above.
  • Call 218-878-7337 and talk to one of our Customer Service Representatives to get your services and account set up.
  • Schedule your home or business services installation.
  • Enjoy your new blazing fast internet and phone service!


Take Control of your Wireless Network!

Use the Calix CommandIQ app to control your wireless network

CommandIQ setup is quick and easy, and will put you in charge of your managed wireless network!

Here's just some of the control options you'll have:

  • See and control all the devices on your network.
  • Set up basic parental controls on your kid's devices.
  • Set up a Guest Network for your home's visitors.
  • Check your network usage.
  • And more!

The CommandIQ App is free to all of our managed WIFI customers, and works on most Android or iOS devices.

Download here:

App Instructions: Quick Setup Guide | Full User Guide


Is this box on your house?

If the gray Aaniin box is on your house with the black cord coming out of the bottom, you are ready to get your Aaniin Fiber Service installed!

You can sign up for your services NOW!

Contact us at 218-878-7337 to get your fiber services installed today!