AANIIN (Hello)

Greeting. i.e. Aaniin! or Hello!

The word Aaniin is used as a general greeting by Ojibwe people today, but it didn't originally mean 'hello'...

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Project Update:

  • Construction of the main fiber line continues throughout the project area.
  • Home Design Surveys are happening throughout the construction area! If you see a door hanger from Aaniin.net on your door, that means we are in your area! Be sure to call the number to set up your survey! Installation of fiber to your home is at no cost to you during this construction phase!
  • Fiber installation from the road to the home has begun in some areas!

Have You Seen One of These?

If you've found a door hanger on your door like one of the ones pictured, call the number; (218) 878-7337, right away!

This is your chance to get fiber internet lines hooked to the outside of your house for NO COST TO YOU! Our team will leave a door hanger on your door up to 3 times, if you don't set up a home survey after the 3rd visit, you will have to pay for this survey.

It can normally cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars to get fiber hooked to your home, depending on the distance from the road. So even if you're not sure if you want to subscribe to fiber internet services, getting the fiber hooked to your home is still a very good idea.