Residential Services

Aaniin provides its customers with both metered and unlimited long distance telephone packages. Both packages include over 20 of the most popular telephone system features. Some features include; Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Three-Way-Calling, Voicemail and more!
*Full feature lists are available upon request.

Residential Telephone Packages:

Metered Long Distance: $29.95/month

Unlimited Long Distance: $31.95/month

Additional Line: $19.95/month

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Business Services

Whether a small single-owner business, or a large multi-employee business, Aaniin Business Telephone Services has you covered! All three of our business packages include popular features; Unlimited Long Distance, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Directory Listing, and more. Additionally, our Standard & Executive packages include Call Forwarding, Call Holding, Voicemail, Three-Way Calling, and more! Finally, for just pennies more per month, our Executive package adds features such as Speed Dialing, Directed Call Pick-Up, Call Block, and more! For an additional monthly fee, your business package can include International Calling, Toll Free Number, Fax Line, and more. Metered Long Distance Packages & Hosted telephone system services are also available, call for details.
*Full feature lists are available upon request.

Business Telephone Packages:

Business Basic: $38.95/month

Business Standard: $39.95/month

Business Executive: $41.95/month

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